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"As a young fella, I had always dreamt of taking people to wild places, to educate and share with them my passion of these truly stunning Australian environments in my own way. I maintained to do things a bit different, a bit better, simple but great, underselling and over delivering. This is why Trek Tours Australia was launched in 2010" Managing Director and Owner Holger Strie.

Trek Tours Australia compromises a suite of unique operating brands that are iconic in their own right. There are deep stories and foundations that underpin our brands. What unites them is our passionate team and the common purpose and love for nature, culture, people and adventure.

Our Mission: “To provide our guests with quality, world-class small group trekking experiences in the most spectacular, remote, wild places in Australia.”

Our Motto: “Dream, Discover, Explore and Reconnect.”

Trek Larapinta

Originally established in 1998, Trek Larapinta is a local Alice Springs pioneer of small group trekking tours on the Larapinta Trail within the Tjoritja / West MacDonnell National Park. Central Australia is a special place for all the Trek Larapinta crew. Our mission is for our tours to connect people with the land and culture, to fully experience this unique place through one of the most amazing long-distance trails on the planet – the Larapinta Trail.

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Trek Tasmania

Our specialised Tasmanian trekking operator facilitating small group wilderness walks throughout Tasmania. Supported by our dedicated Launceston based team, Trek Tasmania offers classic Tasmanian bushwalking adventures, along with more customised and unique experiences. Trek Tasmania are proud ambassadors of the wilderness islands of Tasmania and will ensure you have a unique and personalised outdoor journey supported by genuine responsible tourism ethics.

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Tarkine Trails

Tarkine Trails was established in 2003 by a group of likeminded, passionate individuals, with a focus to provide exposure from the threats to the Tasmanian takayna / Tarkine region through tourism. Tarkine Trails evolved to provide multiple unique deep immersion walking experiences, both within the takayna /Tarkine regions vast rainforest areas and along its wild coastline.

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Notley Valley Farm

Notley Valley Farm showcases how tourism, conservation, restorative forestry, and regenerative agriculture can effectively sequester large amounts of carbon in an environmentally, socially and economically responsible way. The sustainability projects set up through Notley Valley Farm enable each of our trekking guests to have their carbon offsetting directly incorporated when travelling on our tours, thereby helping to create a genuinely sustainable tour company.

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