Trek Tours Australia is a boutique tour company focussed on taking small groups into the wilds of our beautiful country, onto the paths less travelled and into the heart of the Australian wilderness. Our specialty is quality, deep immersion wilderness experiences; our commitment is to sustainable eco-tourism principles. We employ passionate, highly experienced, professional guides, who deliver world class tours in some of the most spectacular places in Australia. We understand that by looking after our wilderness areas and having a total ‘leave no trace’ policy we are preserving the areas that we visit for future generations. We abide by and believe in the philosophy that when you look after the land, the land looks after you.


Trek Tours Australia wishes to acknowledge and pay respect to the Australian Aboriginal Community as the traditional and original owners, and continuing custodians, including Elders, past and present of the land and country through which we are privileged to travel.


Dream, reconnect, explore, share and discover with us.





Arthur Wright, South Coast Track February 2017

I have just walked the stunningly wild and unspoiled South Coast Track in Tasmania with the company Trek Tasmania in February/March of this year. I chose them because I had enjoyed their sister company, Trek Larapinta, which I had used for a fantastic 16-day walk on the Larapinta Trail out of Alice Springs in August 2016 (In fact, I wondered whether I was physically capable of doing the South Coast Track so I had asked one of my Larapinta guides at the end of that hike who, having assessed me—carrying just a light pack—over 260 km, said that I would be up to the South Coast Track).

This 9-day full pack hike was challenging (so I did a lot of training, especially with a full pack) but thoroughly enjoyable because of the meticulous planning by the company but, above all, because of the quality of our guides. Both Jacob and Kenna are Tasmanians and they have an intimate knowledge of their “backyard” and an enormous pride in the wild parts of Tasmania.

They have really good people skills and are very encouraging, making sure that everybody enjoys the walk. When problems arose—blisters? Mostly prevented through good advice, but when some popped up, they were quickly patched and pain-free from then on. Medical emergency? Out comes the satellite phone, and advice is received and acted on. Crisis averted.

And, like the guides on the Larapinta, they are fantastic cooks—although on the South Coast Track they lacked the Larapinta luxuries of refrigeration and camp ovens—they were still able to turn out tasty, nutritious and energy-filled meals using very simple equipment. And the coffee they made every morning I can honestly say is some of the best I’ve ever had.

Jacob and Kenna carried very large (and heavy) packs and that made our lives a lot easier, even though our packs were fairly heavy. The guides gave us clear briefings of what to expect—what the terrain would be like, how much water to carry, how to preserve the environment.

Highly recommended.

Glynis A, Kakadu Explorer August 2016

I am writing to let you know that I had a wonderful time on the Kakadu trip. I thought that things could not be better after Larapinta end to end with the fantastic Cat and Joel but it did! Josh, Steve and Jo were the Dream Team. Josh was such a good guide, often stopping to tell us about a cave, a wall, a rock with art that we would see just ahead, a bird flying overhead or a plant at our feet, cooking us delicious meals every evening and just being so knowledgeable and enthusiastic always. Steve was always happy to offer his hand to guide me through some of the more difficult stages and was also a mind of information about what we encountered along the way, fantastic. And Jo, she was also a helping hand when needed with a happy smile at every stage, her breakkie porridge was wonderful. Such a brilliant team that worked so hard to ensure we had a wonderful trip and they worked so well together – make sure you keep them, they were the added bonus and were the cherry on top of the Kakadu cake. Brilliant.
The hike was hard, no doubt about that and I feel that all 3 of the guides in their own way, brought that little extra something to the trip.
More of the same please!
Please tell them that they made the trip extra special and thank them for their hard work and dedication, it will never be forgotten.
Thank you Trek Tours.

Alison Anderson and Lyndal Worsfold, Larapinta Trail Super 6 Day Trek August 2016

We have just completed the Super 6 Day Larapinta Trek with Trek Larapinta and it exceeded all expectations! Five years in the planning we expected beautiful scenery, but weren’t quite prepared for the scale and just how breathtaking it actually is! The trek turned out to be about much more than the scenery. Our guides, Kate and Rob, are experts and an asset to Trek Larapinta. They are very knowledgeable about the geology, flora and fauna of the area and their enthusiasm for sharing the Larapinta with others was inspiring. An added bonus was their superb cooking skills. The fresh, wholesome and extremely yummy food was much appreciated! There were many other highlights; from our fellow trekkers who became firm friends, campfire chats, sleeping under the stars in a swag, very refreshing swims in Birthday Waterhole and the Finke River, a show-off Spinifex Pigeon, to challenging but fun walking. Loved the rock hopping in the gorges! The NT Parks trail builders who constructed all the rock stairs on the slopes are to be commended. We have no hesitation in recommending Trek Larapinta and hope we can join another Trek Australia tour soon!


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